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In the market to upgrade your current equipment, Retiring or downsizing the fleet, or simply just want to sell what you have, we can help.

Trade-ins:  Trading you pre-owned equipment in is a great way to upgrade into savings.  Not only do you get rid of that old headache, you can save thousands by running newer equipment.  New technology offers much advancement causing you less downtime.

Consignments:  Tired of dealing with tire kickers and time wasters? live out of town or are always on the road and do not have time to deal with potential customers.  Let us sell it for you.  We have to knowledge and tools to get your equipment to market fast.  Our location just off Marquis Drive in Saskatoon is perfect for reaching thousands potential buyers to view you equipment.  Plus we work with a great customer base consisting of other dealers and companies from around North America.  This allows us to get you the best price for your pre-owned equipment.

Sale:  We understand you live a busy life and do not have time to deal with selling your equipment.  Want to free up space, come to us and let’s make a deal!

Fill in the form below with what you have available, we want to work for you!

  • Sell With Us

    Sell With Us