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New Trailer details

2020 Doepker Classic Steel Super B


Exterior Colour:
White w/ Black Frame
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Building trailers since 1972 has allowed us to lead the industry with continuous industry changing designs.  The open end bulker design is no exception.  Delivering the first open end bulker the market had ever seen in 1997 changed everything, including the industry.  Our design in so strong, it is backed by a 5 year 100% structural warranty.  Our highly engineered design is so light, aluminum trailers with the same options are still trying to shed about 1 Ton of weight to compete.  Using very specific high value, stronger metals in combination with a unique engineered design ensures the longest lasting trailer on market.  Many have tried to copy our legendary design, however none have succeeded.  Since 2001, we have added sophisticated and proven finishes that we still continually test and re-formulate.  One example is our application of unique and special blended 100% pure zinc to the complete steel outside designed to combat Canadian road contaminants.  Giving you the opportunity to achieve a 46.5 Tonne payload and offering the best resell value in its class, this trailer is one of the most popular solutions for many users.  Many configurations are available including an Eastern Super B that is shorter in overall length.   Higher wall heights are also available to support product hauls such as fescue.